Friday, June 25, 2010

The Photo Scavenger Hunt has begun.....

Remember to take pictures of the items with one of your team members in the picture. Be creative and bring your own unique style to your pictures. Make funny faces strike goofy poses and have some FUN!!!

Send these pictures to me in a face book email in my face book in box to get credit for your points. Please send them to me even if you post them on your own face book to make sure I see them. You can also send them to my e-mail address.  If you do not know how to do this just ask and I will help you. Have your pictures sent in by Saturday at 9pm. I will post point totals with the next weeks list each Sunday.

Here is the list for week one:

1.  A swimming pool (20pts) X-tra credit a male member of your team in a


2.  A police officer (35pts) X-tra credit a member of your team in

     handcuffs with the police officer ( 75pts)

3.  A member of your team in a tree that they have climbed (35pts) X-tra

     credit hanging from your legs in the tree that they climbed (45pts)

*100 pointer*

A picture of a member of your team with a man wearing “Manpris” If you do not know what “Manpris” are you will have to find out!

Good Luck and it will only get better each week!!!!!

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