Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clues for week 5

Welcome to service week at The Waltenberry First Annual Facebook Scavenger Hunt.

July 18th-24th

1. Picture of a team member pumping a stranger’s gas. (40points) 10 extra points if it is a gas station other than BP and 20 points if it is a station that is a mom and pops store.

2. Picture of a team member carrying a stranger’s groceries to their car. (40 points) 20 points extra for doing this task at Publix or Sams Club.

3. Picture of a team member giving your postal worker a homemade thank you card- It has to be at your mailbox. (30 points) Extra credit if it has a gift attached (20 points)

*100 Pointer*Picture of a team member mowing someone else’s yard. It cannot be anyone in your family!

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