Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Waltenberry 1st Annual Facebook Scavenger Hunt Week #3…..

Scavenger Hunt week 3 July 4th- July 10th.

Last week there were very few groups competing so I hope everyone tries this week. It will be a fun and exciting hunt for pictures this week. You get to be stealthy and creative with each item!

1. A picture with a member of your team holding a strangers lawn ornament in their yard. (35pts) Extra credit for the uniqueness of the lawn ornament and the pose of the team member! (????pts)

2. A team member under the covers of a department store bed. (40pts) Extra credit for more than one member in the bed. (60pts.)

3. A team member with a statue of a woman that is not Mary. (25pts) Extra credit if the statue is as tall or taller than the team member.(40pts)

*100 pointer*

I have been truly inspired by some truly unique and beautiful photos I have seen recently. I would like your team to find something they feel is truly beautiful and inspiring and take a picture of it. Please no photos of other team members or children of your own- these things are inspiring but search for something truly unique to you. Please write a little blurb as to why you find this inspiring and beautiful. I challenge you to be creative and take this photo seriously! If more than one person wants to send something in that is fine. Oh and Josh says no photos of him because he knows that was your first thought!

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