Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here are the point totals for week two...

I did not award the full 75 points for costumes at the YMCA because that was for the strangers you had wear them, however I did give extra points if your team member wore the costumes!

In 1st Place with 585 points....

Team Monica

Extra credit awarded for seeing my brother-in-law act so silly!

In 2nd Place with 560 points....

Team Amber

This point total will change when you send in the YMCA pictures

Extra credit awarded for creativity

In 3rd Place with 490 points...

The Brew Crew

Extra credit awarded for creativity

In 4th Place with 345 points...

The Maroo Crew

I should give you points for only going down to 4th place when you didn’t even compete this week!

In 5th place with 130 points

Team Z

Extra points rewarded for creativity

In 6th place with 110 points...

The Cali Girls

In 7th place with 90 points…

The Pirates

Anything can happen it is anyones game so I hope everyone can participate this week!

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